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Suhail Voluntary Program continues to serve Dubai Courts clients


    Suhail Voluntary Service providers continue to offer their high-profile services to Dubai Courts clients, guiding them to their destinations within the main building and premises of Dubai Courts.

  Launched in 2010, ?Suhail? resumes its activities for the third year in a row, having achieved remarkable success in raising customer satisfaction and offering time-saving, hassle-free guidance services that are run exclusively by ?Suhail? volunteers who possess comprehensive knowledge about all court procedures.

  Iman Abdul Jalil, Head of Customer Service Division and Head of Suhail Volunteer Service team, said: ?The idea behind the ?Suhail? program is to promote voluntary work among employees of Dubai Courts, with the underlining goal of benefiting the clients.

Employees who are part of this program are required to volunteer for two hours a day during peak times at the Nayef Hall for central services.

We have an overwhelming number of volunteers this year, which reflects the success of this initiative and the satisfaction of both, our employees and clients.

?Suhail? now has 125 volunteering employees, including 6 managers, 21 supervisors from various departments and divisions of Dubai Courts, and 98 other employees.

?   In 2012, Dubai Courts launched ?Suhail? tablets which include an electronic map for the entire premises, halls and departments at Dubai Courts, in addition to details of all the services provided to clients.

As part of Dubai Court?s commitment to provide high-tech tools for employees and offer the highest level of services, this move also helps the employees easily find various locations within Dubai Courts.

    ?Our team provided the employees with these maps to save their time and effort in guiding the clients to their destinations.

It includes an internal map of the whole premises, departments and halls within Dubai Courts, in addition to relevant advertisements and announcements, and a tag line only used by these volunteers to verify their credibility,? added Abdul Jalil.

  Another feature has been recently added to the program, offering an in-house portal (Knowledge Portal) for employees to find all needed information about ?Suhail? Voluntary Program.

This has raised more awareness on voluntary work and self-development among employees who are increasingly participating in the project.

The portal further lists all the services provided by Dubai Courts to its clients and strategic partners.

  In summary, ?Suhail? voluntary program is an on-site service offered to clients by volunteering employees from different departments.

Those who offer the service wear tags that clearly show the logo of the service.

Dubai Courts then conducts a study to assess client and employee satisfaction to further improve its services.