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Dubai Courts launches ?Sure?, new pro bono legal advice service for litigants


  Dubai Courts launches ?Sure?, new pro bono legal advice service for litigants   Initiative introduced in collaboration with several law firms     Dr.

Ahmed Saeed Bin Hazim, Director General of Dubai Courts, in collaboration with several law firms, has launched a new pro bono legal advice program titled ?Sure?, where volunteering lawyers can offer free legal consultations to litigants, a move aimed at boosting confidence in the judiciary and facilitating litigation for the public.

    ?Sure? brings together a selection of authorized law firms to offer free legal advice for litigants, on a voluntary basis.

Each firm has the right to specify the number of consultation hours to be provided per month, while the Litigant Guidance division of Dubai Courts will supervise the implementation of the program and bring litigants closer to the participating law firms.


Ahmed Saeed Bin Hazim believes that the ongoing cooperation between Dubai Courts and lawyers is essential to boost the litigation system, in which lawyers are an integral part.

He added that the participation of lawyers in the program is yet another testimony to their commitment towards achieving social development and raising the level of legal knowledge in the community.

  ?I would like to thank all 19 lawyers and 18 firms participating in this program, for recognizing volunteer work as a culture through which every member of the society must be part of, across all sectors,? said Dr.


  Through an introductory presentation on the ?Sure? initiative, Shams el-Din Abdul Muneim, Head of Litigant Guidance Section, explained that the aim of the program is to underline the role of courts and lawyers in providing community services while strengthening their partnership and efforts to enhance legal knowledge and facilitate litigation for the public.

  ?Free consultations on every lawsuit are offered once for individuals only for a period of 30 to 60 minutes before any legal proceedings are taken,? said Abdul Muneim.

?Litigant Guidance is ready to receive any consultation requests and will send a confirmation card to the applicant, with details on the law firm, selected lawyer and date of appointment.