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Click here to register an online application of Proof of full age
A lawsuit concerning the verification of the age of consent
1Attendance of the minor and the guardian
4Payment of the fees of 50 Dirhams in addition to the identification Dirham fee of 10 dirhams.
1Give a verbal advice to the department and submit the requirements and the identity cards.
2Payment of the fixed fees.
3Appearance before the competent judge for examination of the application and render the appropriate decision.
4Returning to the department to receive the certificate after completing the information on the computer in the light of the decision.
1Attendance of the Applicant and his Guardian or Custodian
2The Applicant -the Minor- has to complete 21 Lunar years old
The full legal age is defined as the completion of 21 years of age by a person of sound mind and good conduct