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Click here to register an online application of Proof that two names are given to the same person
Attestation proving that two full names inscribed in official papers with partial or total difference are for one and same person
1Review the Ruler's cabinet to obtain the approval on changing the name.
2In case of obtainment of the approval, attendance of the attestation's applicant or his legal representative with two Muslim witnesses is required.
3Submitting copies of the proof of identity of the attestation's applicant, witnesses, the applicant's representative, if any, to be conserved after verification of its conformity with the original.
4Submitting copies of the documents concerning the name's dissimilarity.
5If the name of the father or grandfather is subject to correction and if they are alive, they must attend. In case of death, a copy of the certification of succession should be submitted.
6Submitting the legal representation document of the attestation's applicant.
7Payment of the fees of 50 Dirhams in addition to the identification Dirham fee of 10 dirhams.
1Give a verbal advice to the certification department and submit the requirements and the identity cards.
2Payment of the fixed fees.
3Appearance with the witnesses before the competent judge for examination of the application and render the appropriate decision.
4Returning to the department to receive the certificate after completing the information on the computer in the light of the decision.
1Appearance of Affidavit Applicant.
2Please define the company owner as the first party and service agent as second party.
3This service is for the citizens of Dubai and UAE citizens residing in Dubai
1- This procedure is for the citizens of Dubai Emirate only . 2- Changing the name of the clan or the tribe shall be carried out at the Nationality and Residence Department