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Where are the branches of the Notary Public ?
- Main Branch - Dubai Courts
- Economic Department branch
- Al Barsha branch
- Al Towar branch
Quran verse, which urged on writing as evidence of debt, determined the witnesses either two male witnesses or a male and two female, is the same base applied at Notary Public?

The law which regulates Notary public works, determines that the presence of two witnesses.
Is it permissible to request Notary Public to pay a house visit to Conduct a transaction?

The law allows Notary Public to shift to the location of concerned contracting party if they have specific circumstances prevent them to attend in the Notary public office.

What is the fee of a General Power of Attorney?

Fee of General Power of Attorney is AED 50 and the fee of Special power of Attorney is also AED 50.

Is appearing in person before the Notary Public mandatory, for authenticating documents or contracts? If yes, why? Is it permissible to request to accredit my specimen signature at the Notary Public for attestation of my transaction by just referring to my accredited signature instead of appearing every time?
Presence before Notary Public to sign on a document or contract is mandatory, according to article No.(9) of Notary Public Law. Whereas Notary public checks and ensures the identity of document or contract's holder and also verifies his capacity and his consent. Moreover, his presence is necessary by law as he should put his signature on the register of Notary public transaction specified for documents and contracts.

Location beside Maktoum Bridge Dubai Courts Premises.
Working hours from 7:30 AM to 2:30 PM - Sunday to Thursday
Attestation of following writs
Judicial notices and cancellation of power of attorneys by lawyers to others
Assignment of cases to all concerned ( cases raised in Emirate of Dubai)
Other procedures
True copy
Delivery of notices to the relevant parties
Official correspondences to the department (in coming/out going)
Working hours from 7:30 AM to 2:30 PM + 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM Sunday to Thursday

Location: Economic Development Department building:
Working hours from 7:30 AM to 1:30 PM + 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM Sunday to Thursday
Attestation of commercial writs , all types of contracts
Agencies for comp0anies and establishments in Dubai

Location Dubai Al Qusaia street - near ministry of Educatio0n = Al Tawar Shopping Mall
Working hours from 7:30 AM to 2:00 PM - and from 4:00 PM to 9:30 PM Sunday to Thursday
Attesting the following writs:
All types of contracts
All types of power of attorneys
All types of declarations (prove the date)
Marriage contracts (for non-Muslim) issued by the certified churches
Judicial notices cancellation of power of attorneys and other procedures
True copy

Location: Dubai - Sheikh Zayed Road - Al Barsha - Traffic building
Working hours from 7:30 AM to 2:00 PM - and from 4:00 PM to 9:30 PM Sunday to Thursday
Attesting the following writs:
All types of contracts
All types of agencies
All types of declarations (prove the date)
Marriage contracts (for Non-Muslim) issued by the certified church
Justice notices cancellation of agencies and other procedures
True copy
How can I sign on a personal document or a contract before a Notary Public at my home or my office?
ake an application on the name of the Chief Justice of First Instance Court to get permission for Notary Public to come over to your place

Is there any extra fees of convenience?
Yes, AED 100.

What are the documents required by the Notary Public for attesting documents or contracts besides passports, other documents, and identity cards?
Documents that prove the capacity of concerned person and his authorities; if he is signing on behalf of someone, he has to present the power of attorney; if he is signing on behalf of a minor, he has to submit the declaration of succession or court judgment. In case of executing any transaction on behalf of a minor, he shall submit a permission from the concerned authority as well if the transaction is signed on behalf of an establishment, company or association he shall submit the document which authorize him to sign.

How to attest transactions needed and desired by the detainees or prisoners by the Notary Public?

Their presence is important to the Notary Public in person in coordination with detention centers or the prison authorities along with document which shows the status and the importance of this document for the prisoners is to prove that the prisoner is not among those who fall under the article 74, 75, 76 and 77 of Penal Code number 3 for the year 1987, where as they should endorse their documents in persuasion with articles mentioned hereby.
On which criterion the fees of a valued or of fixed value document or agreement?

The criterion is a measurable commitment or financial right such as funds and stocks, where the fees are calculated based on the commitment's value or the right by 0.25% maximum up to AED 10,000.
What are the fees of cancelling a general and special power of attorney?

A general power of attorney and special power of attorney can be canceled by either of these two:
1. through serving a judicial notice which is charged by AED 75.
2. A mutual declaration by both parties which is charged by AED 75.

How the transactions concerning persons with special need such as blind, deaf, dump are completed?

Notary Public deals with all of them as their special needs requires in accordance with law, where judiciary deputed assisting escort shall help in expressing his will.

Are copies of passport, travel document or identity card accepted?

Yes, in exceptional cases estimated by the notary public.
Is it permissible to identify myself with expired passport or travel document ?
The passport or document required to be valid, the visa for non locals as well required to be valid.

Which cards issued in the country are accepted for the personal identification?

The card that contains the photograph of the holder and has a serial number as well as date of issue and issued by a formal body, for example driving license, labor card, and health card.

What are the fees of each of the followings :
1. Judicial Notice?
2. Declaration of undetermined value?
3. Translation of a document?
220- 1. notice fees = AED 75
2.declaration of undefined value = AED 75
3.translation fee= AED 50 per page

Are two witnesses required in all transactions conducted by the Notary Public?

The law that regulates the work of notary public authorize him to recognize the identity of persons approaching him for authentication of documents or contracts either by passport or travel document or any identification card issued in UAE if he is not known personally to the notary public.
How to attest the documents and contracts of patients admitted in hospitals and Sanatorium?

Notary Public can come over to the applicants place upon their request made to Chief Justice of First Instance Court. The doctor might be requested to asses the applicant's mental and physical health weather or not he is capable of freely expressing his will and understanding of the subject of the document or the contract he is signing on.
How the transactions concerning non- Arabic speakers are completed before the Notary Public?

Free translation service for non Arabic speakers is available in the Court.