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Legally permitted persons move to houses in order to precede marriage contracts and they could be pictured during the incident of ratifying marriage contract .Can I with response to humanitarian motives and to record my marriage for remembrance picture m
To preserve the respect of the court and judiciary its impermissible to picture the marriage court tacks in the court.
I am a UAE female coming from a rich family who agreed upon my marriage to a rich UAE man .Our families decided that my dowry shall be one million dirhams and I want to know if this amount is allowed?
Complying with the provisions of dowry limitation the dowry shouldn't exceed the amount of 50.000 Dirhams.
I am a Muslim expatriate .I agreed to marry a Christian expatriate and I want to know where can we ratify our marriage contract?
This marriage is void because it's forbidden in the Quran text and no direction in the UAE in Dubai could precede this contract as it's forbidden by law also.