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Islam DeclarationInformation
Conversion to Islam Proof of Islam  
Nuptial Contracts
Marriage contract Ratification of marriage contracts made by concerned officials Proof of marriage
Proof of marriage consummation Proof of return Proof of marriage continuance
Proof of waiver of the deferred dowry Acknowledgment of receipt of the dowry Proof of increasing a dowry
Proof of dowry decrease    
Civil Status
Proof of maintenance Proof of full age
Probate of will Proof of revocation of will The appointment of a guardian to an estate
The appointment of a testamentary guardian Cancelling the appointment of a guardian Proof of donation
Proof of paternity Proof of maternity Proof of fostering
Proof of wardship and care Surrender of fostering
Divorce attestation Widowhood certificate Abandonment certificate
Status document Social status document Conversion to Islam
Limited trade authorization  
Changing a name Proof that two names are given to the same person Certification particular for Ministry of Health (The committee on births or deaths)
Non Muslim Documents
Powers Of Attorney
Sharia declaration, Non-Muslims Sharia declaration, Muslims  
Declarations of National Service
Declarations of National Service - Proof of Personal Status No objection affidavite for joining National Service