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We, at Dubai Courts, are committed to:

• treating you respectfully, courteously and pleasantly.
• providing you with outstanding services impartially and fairly.
• catering to your needs with high levels of professionalism and making our best efforts to fulfill them.
• providing our services by a well-informed and cooperative work team that understands your needs and is capable of answering your queries.
• providing the requirements and completion dates for all services.
• receiving and processing your applications at the appropriate time and without delays.
• reducing the number of procedures to provide prompt and efficient services.
• providing accurate information and outstanding service procedures.
• providing services during timings and through channels most suitable to you.
• welcoming your opinions and suggestions to work with you on developing our services.

To provide you with outstanding services, we request you to:

• appreciate our employees’ efforts and treat with mutual respect.
• provide all required documents.
• prepare all documents prior to completing the transaction.
• inform us as soon as possible of any error or change in the information.
• inform us of any change to your personal information or information relevant to the completion of the transaction.
• answer the queries of the service providers to the best of your ability and on time.

pdf Dubai Courts Customer Service Charter PDF, 1.20MB. Published on 20-05-2015

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