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The Committee for liquidation of cancelled real estate projects and settlement of rights thereof, in the Emirate of Dubai, is the competent committee for liquidation of real estate projects cancelled by final decision of Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA). The judgments, orders and decisions issued by the Committee shall be final, absolute and unappealable by either mean of appeal, and shall be executed by Department of Execution at Dubai Courts. You may contact the Committee During official working hours across the counter No 10 in the main building of Dubai courts, where you can find all required information related to the projects under the Committee jurisdiction.

Note: You can access attached file by pressing on file # and The status of the remaining projects and the investors details will be uploaded soon.

 pdfReal Estate Cancelled Projects Committees Guide

  • The 1st Liquidation Committee
  • The 2nd Liquidation Committee
  • The 3rd Liquidation Committee

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