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Dubai Courts Smart Phones Applications

Interlocutory Request from Plaintiff
Internal Classification Applicantions Related to Human Rights and Personal Status and Unrelated Applications:Interlocutory Application
Service Description This service allows the plaintiff to request modification of the subject of the original request in the statement of claim to tackle any circumstances arising or emerging after filing the lawsuit. This service is provided by the competent judicial department according to the type of the claim. (Correcting the original request/ modifying the subject of the original request//adding to/ changing the cause of claim while keeping the original request as is)
Payment Required Yes
Service LinkService Link
Last updated 17-12-2016

Access Channels
# Access Channel Type Service Link
1 Web Service Link
2 Over the counter
3 mPhone Hybird 20
4 mTablet Hybird 20

Delivery Channels
1 Web
2 Over the counter
3 mPhone Hybird
4 mTablet Hybird

1 G2C
2 G2B