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Conditions and Requirements

1Fill required data or information in the form
2Enclose documentation required for authentication.
3 Examination and identification of instrument?s options.
4Pay by credit card or e-Dirham.
5Review application form by Notary.
6Set appointment for appearance before Notary for signing.
7Sign and receive document.

1 The provisions of the contract shall comply with regulations and rules organizing commercial companies in the Emirate, and the Commercial Companies Law No. (2) of 2015 as amended.
2Contractors or their representatives shall appear before the Notary.
3The commercial license may not be issued by the Department of Economic Development.
4Please note that you might be charged extra fee difference

Documents to be attached electronically and original copies to be brought on attendance
1 The Original proof of personal identification and a copy thereof shall be presented. This shall include passport, national ID card, or any other document issued by official body in the UAE.
2 Original documents establishing the capacity of the attendee and his competence to act in signing (like wills and guardianship and agency). Submissions are issued abroad shall be duly certified by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Ministry of Justice, if in foreign language.
3 Initial approval from competent body, license and the relevant previously concluded contracts.

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